Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

Philipp Geist Projection Maps For Barco 10/2010

Philipp Geist Projection Maps For Barco

25 October 2010 16:43 BST

As part of Barco's evening entertainment following its recent video & lighting solutions partner meeting, Berlin artist Philipp Geist created a façade projection on to a 23m wide chapel using Barco's XLM HD30 events projector.

The XLM HD30 is a 30,000 lumens high brightness projector suited for large event venues and outdoor projections. With its native 2,048 x 1,080 resolution, it is ideally suited for ultra wide-screen and HD applications.

Geist spent several days in Berlin developing the content for the show, working with blueprints and photos of the building. He explained: "For the projection and performance of my live installation I worked with a Mac Book Pro and the software Modul8, which is a nice tool where you can integrate several moduls and plugins to develop your concepts.

"The projection was made with a Barco XLM HD30 a 30,000 lumens
event projector. I used four of these projectors previously in Bangkok for my huge video mapping installation for the King of Thailand; they produce really strong colours and are very bright."

Philipp Geist is an international light and multi-media artist using video, performance, photography and painting. He has exhibited his live video performances all over the world. His projects are characterised by their complexity and the integration of the location, sound and moving images.