Montag, 25. November 2013

Time Drifts Frankfurt 2012 Luminale by Philipp Geist (540p)

Finally the long movie is online! 

Time Drifts Luminale 2012 Philipp Geist awarded with the German Light Design Award 2013

1. Preis / 1st Prize

Deutscher Lichtdesign-Preis Kategorie Lichtkunst 2013

TIME DRIFTS - Philipp Geist
Frankfurt Luminale 2012


Studio Philipp Geist / Berlin

Künstlerisches Konzept & Umsetzung
Philipp Geist

Technischer Support
Bart van Bokhoven (Pronorm)
Georg Reisch (Pani)

Luminale 2012, Frankfurt am Main

Time Drifts
For Luminale 2012, Philipp Geist shows his installation 'TIME DRIFTS' in the square of the Goethe-University, the future Kulturcampus. This installation visualizes the issues of time and space, volatility and pres- ence. Here, the artist renounces the use of screens and instead projects terms and associations onto the ground of the square, the facade
elements and onto the mist. The result is an interplay between the concrete, tangible projection onto the architecture and the transparent, dissipating screen of mist. Terms, which are a metaphor for transience can be briefly seen but disappear again immediately. This interaction between the different layers of text and image in space refers to the lo- cation as a future cultural site and meeting place.

Video-Licht-Installation von Philipp Geist

Freitag, 8. November 2013

verKREUZungen Philipp Geist Johanniterkirche Feldkirch 2013

verKREUZungen / Philipp Geist
Johanniterkirche / in Feldkirch

Johanniterkirche Philipp Geist LightingUpTimes 090313 Day 2 Set1