Donnerstag, 2. April 2015

One fine day in berlin movie - interview with Philipp Geist

Mobility Film

One fine day in Berlin

Berlin will never “be“ – it is always in flux, according to video artist Philipp Geist. A destiny that does not hold the German capital back, but easily works to its advantage: Today, Berlin has become a global market place for urban innovations with a strong social component. To scent out the range on offer, we take the new smart forfour to visit three of the city’s most progressive minds.

New Movie WeihnachtsLeuchten Breitnau Ravennaschlucht Viadukt 2014

Breitnau Ravennaschlucht Viadukt 
12-14. Dez/ Dec 2014

Philipp Geist WeihnachtsLeuchten 2014 C from Philipp Geist | Videogeist on Vimeo.

New Movie Kutaisi Georgien/ Georgia 'Hidden Places' Philipp Geist at the former prison Guberski

Kutaisi Georgien/ Georgia 
Guberski Project/ Projekt 
Hidden Places
ehemaliges Gefängnis/ former prison
20. Nov 2014

Philipp Geist Kutaisi Hidden Places Former Prision 2014 C from Philipp Geist | Videogeist on Vimeo.