Samstag, 31. Mai 2008

Bucharest - Fleeting Figures at Muzeul Taranului Roman May/2008

Bucharest - Long Night of Museums
Muzeul Taranului Roman

Saturday 17.05.2008

‚Fleeting Figures’ video installation by Philipp Geist

In his installation Geist interprets the subject „angels“. He projects on fog and trees. The transparent, dissolving ground of projection, which is provided by the fog, relates to the ascription of angels to invisible and intangible spheres and to the world of our imagination and/or religious belief. Additionally, the manifestations of angels as cultural objects and representations are symbolized by clear sights of the images on the walls and on a screen. Geist develops a dialogue with the location, his artistic work and the people who are entering and leaving the atrium. The visitor himself becomes part of the projected images. Existing images of angels are transformed with modern digital techniques (hard- and software) and manipulated by abstracting, recolouring and overlaying. Elements of the pictures are separated from thand artistic compositions.