Dienstag, 12. Mai 2009

Geneva - Mapping Festival - Outdoor Video Installation by Philipp Geist date: 15th May 2009

Geneva - Mapping Festival 2009 (http://cms.mappingfestival.com/2009/)
From May 8th through the 17th 2009

Outdoor Video Installation by Philipp Geist date: 15th May 2009
Videogeist (DE) Fri 15 @ Outdoor venues — AV performances — Outdoor projections dès 22h - Palais Eynard, Parc des Bastions / entrée libre

Artiste berlinois autodidacte et pluridisciplinaire, Philip Geist est internationalement reconnu pour ses installations et performances audiovisuelles, ainsi que pour ses peintures et photographies. Spécialisé depuis quelques années dans le domaine de la projection de façade, il vient présenter sur murs de la ville de Genève ses subtils et complexes entremêlements entre espace, temps et images en mouvement.


Multidisciplinary and self taught Berlin artist Philip Geist is known internationally for his installations and audio visual performances as well for his photography and paintings. He has specialized for some years in the domain of facade projections. On the walls of the Genevois he will present his subtle and complex interminglings between space, time and movement.


The Mapping festival is an international V.A. festival based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The festival was formed around the goal to promote the VJ medium, its culture and its connection to electronic music. Since then it has evolved into presenting related projects in contemporary art such as audiovisual performances, and interactive installations as well as including workshops and lectures that further emphasize the aspect of community that is a strong component of VJ movement.

Now in our 5th year the physical spaces that the festival will occupy will reflect this diversity in that they will include club, gallery, cinema and outdoor venues.


Mapping performance and Vj set for the Mapping festival


Palais Eynard – Parc des Bastions
Videogeist (DE)
Digital Slaves (F)


« Dubstep Upfront sound » avec :
Subsound (CH, ES) DJ set
Geek Connection (CH) AV set
Sito Sun (AU) VJ set
The Bug feat MC Flowdan (UK) Live
Kromestar (UK) DJ set
Vector Meldrew (UK) VJ set
Or3 & Desaxismundi (F) VJ set

Lineup: http://cms.mappingfestival.com/2009/
Berlin Beam Boys, MXZEHN, Reactable, Videogeist, Fernando Llanos a.k.a Videoman, SDNA, Theatrino Elettrico, Chloé Tallot, A-LI-CE, Video Jack, Geek Connection, LaptopsRus, Strap On Dildos, Reflexus, Burbuja, Negativo, Defasten, The Erasers, VJ Oblivion, Frischvergiftung, Dynamo Company, Krash On Earth, Pussy Krew, Collectif Akrylonumerik, Vector Meldrew, Digital Slaves, Sito Sun, Sansculotte & Electric Kettle, Bopa & Bruno Tait, SONOM, Klif, Spark & Novak, Starsky, Kap Bambino, Burger/Voigt, Tobias Thomas, Mec, Xerak, Beat Torrent, The Bug feat MC Flowdan, MC SGT Pokes…