Mittwoch, 23. September 2009

Liquid Memory / Riverine Zones Video-installations of Philipp Geist (Berlin), monastery gardens of family Hütte

550 km Oberwesel

Liquid Memory / Riverine Zones
Video-installations of Philipp Geist (Berlin), monastery gardens of family Hütte,
Monastery gardens and sacristy, Oberstr. 11
Fr 20-24h / Saturday 20-24h / Su 20-23h

The artist Philipp Geist (Berlin) shows his video installation „ Liquid Memory“ in the church ruins and in the sacristy of the former Minorite cloister in Oberwesel. In his installation Philipp Geist picks out the element water as a central theme and puts this in the immediate connection to the historical place and the Rhine Valley. Water and time are the constants in the oeuvre of Philipp Geist. He works with the media videoinstallation, audio/visual performance, painting and photography. His projects integrate space, sound and moving image.

With this installation, the artist renounces the use of canvases and projects directly onto parts of the former cloister facade, the ruins and onto fog as a transpartent and volatile projection-ground. An interaction between the concrete and tangible wall and the clear evaporating projection will bring together time and space.

Geist will exhibit his long term water-project ´Riverine Zones´ in the former sacristy. This video-space installation takes the viewer on an exploratory expedition through international rivers. The artist makes a world visible which is so near and yet so distant to us. With an underwater camera he roams through all zones of the river: the ground, the deep or shallow water and the surface. Thus originate Geist´s partly minimum-puristic, partly colour-intensive, dream-like and shadowy-breakable image compositions. Geist covers– from the water perspective– also the bank area, from which, using another English term -„riverine“- the project receives its name.

Philipp Geist, born in 1976 in Witten, grown up in Weilheim (Bavaria), lives in Berlin since 1999. He works internationally in the media video installation, audio visual performances, painting and photography. Among others he has exhibited in 2002: Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich. In 2004: Sonar Festival Barcelona, Mutek festival Montreal, Dissonanze festival, Rome. In 2005: Zurich, Winterzauber, video installation. In 2006: Salon Noir, New National Gallery Berlin. In 2007: Riverine video installation, Three Walls Gallery, Chicago; Video installation Time Lines Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome. In 2008: Kulturforum Berlin, Time Fades Australia Melbourne, Urban Screens– Riverine Movie Screening. In 2009: Geneva Palais Eynard, Parc des Bastions, Mapping festival…,

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