Dienstag, 15. Juli 2014

MOVIE / FILM Philipp Geist Rio de Janeiro Cristo Redentor & Santa Marta Favela Movie 2014

Rio de Janeiro Cristo Redentor & Santa Marta Favela 

Philipp Geist 

Movie 2014

Rio de Janeiro Cristo Redentor 12th May & Santa Marta 15th/ 16th May 2014
© 2014 Philipp GEIST / VG Bildkunst Bonn
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Light Art-Video-Mapping-Installations Philipp Geist in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil 2014
on the Christ statue (Cristo Redentor) - May 12th-13th and in the Santa Marta favela - May 15 and 16, 2014
Installation Philipp Geist Year of Germany in Brazil 2013/2014
At the end of the Year of Germany in Brazil 2013/2014, the artist Philipp Geist (Berlin, 1976)
develops two light installations in Rio this year; the first one on the world-famous Christ statue (Cristo Redentor) and the other installation in the Santa Marta favela. For the installation the artist presents artistic-liberal and poetic German and Brazilian themes and develops a building and floor light installation of colored words and phrases in Portuguese, German, and in other international languages. The installation deals with cultural characteristics and achievements of both countries and visualizes the issues of time and space, volatility and presence in a free artistic style. The two projects are in fact a double project which is combined. The installation on the symbol of Rio and Brazil, the Christ statue, is recorded and projected onto the small buildings and huts of the favela. The Christ statue, which has been built to protect the city and the sailors, is symbolically projected on the shantytown, the favela, in a protective way. The installation in the favela will be seen not only on a facade as a large cinema projection or as a static image, but on several winding buildings, the roofs, the floor and on the steps. Thus, the visitor becomes a part of the installation and can immerse into the projection and the light and introduce himself. Chalk crayons are put out on the streets in the favela and the young and old residents and visitors can write and paint words on the street, the ground, the stairs or even on the house walls. The residents and several institutions should be addressed to submit words and associations dealing with Rio, Brazil and Germany.