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Philipp Geist/ Videogeist NEWSLETTER May/ June 2010


Philipp Geist/ Videogeist NEWSLETTER May/ June 2010


1.) Montreal (Canada) Mutek Festival Outdoor Installation 'Time Drifts'
2.) Milano (Italy) MUSAE Videoart.EXE Experimenta Videoart NOCCI/ GEIST
3.) Ahrenshoop (Germany) A-I-R Stipendium Lukas Juli 2010 / September 2010
4.) upcoming dates

Review/ Past Projects
5.) Frankfurt Luminale Naturkundemuseum Senckenberg April 2010
6.) Berlin Kulturforum 2008 ** HD Movie Online**
7.) Bangkok King Bhumibol 82.Birthday 4D Light & Sound Installation ** Movie Online **
8.) Links


1.) Montreal 2010 (MUTEK Festival 2010)
at Place Des Festival


'Time Drifts' Media Installation by Philipp Geist
02. - 06. June 2010

Time Drifts

The Berlin-based artist Philipp Geist has developed his video installation 'Time Drifts' for the square Place Des Festival next to the Contemporary Art Museum in Montreal. In his installation Geist interprets the themes of space and time. He avoids using canvases and projects directly on parts of the facade, on the ground of the whole square, on stairs, and on fog streaming into the square.

The result is an interplay between the concrete, tangible wall/square and the transparent, dissolving projection ground. Words are projected onto the ground, and they are reflected into the fog. Fog is, similar to time, always in a flux, you cannot hold or keep it. This concept refers to the characteristics of museums and to their function as a place for conservation and for providing the visitor with both facts and imaginations: The dissolving projection ground symbolizes the fragmentary knowledge and understanding of life in the past and present, but knowledge is also secured and preserved in the form of text, clearly visible on the concrete. The people become part of the projected images while walking around the square and entering the building. Thus, Geist develops a dialogue with the location, his artistic work and the visitors.
This methodical approach to the theme 'time' is supported by the projected images themselves. Words that relate to the topic both directly and indirectly cover the whole ground of the square. Some terms and sentences are obvious references, some invite the visitor to think about the phenomenon of time and its historical and cultural connotations. This cultural consideration will be enhanced by the fact that the texts will be in the two official languages of Québec, English and French, and additionally in German, which is the artist's mother tongue. There will be single words, quotations and proverbs by various authors. The installation invites the visitors to stay and contemplate, to detect meanings in the thick carpet of partly overlapping words. The carpet's threads of words are woven chaotically, and it takes time and movements across the square to see and decipher them. It is the poetry of the texts and the dream-like atmosphere that will transform the location.
In the images which are projected onto the facade, Geist creates a pictorial, abstract imagery at the computer which also refers to time. Geometrical, spatial forms like squares, cubes, perforated planes, lines and rays, overlay each other in an on-going process and build up a complete picture in order to dissolve it right away. The various elements create a complex architecture of images which is always in a state of flux. By displaying depth and three-dimensionality, the work symbolises the constantly developing, enlarging space of continuing time lines, and represents the complex networks emerging from different spatial components spreading in the course of time.

Philipp Geist works internationally as a light and multi-media artist in the mediums of video, performance, photography and painting. The Berlin artist Philipp Geist (1976) showed a 4D mapping installation on the facade of the royal throne in Bangkok on the occasion of king Bhumibol's 82nd birthday in December 2009. The one-hour-show was the central part of the celebrations and was seen by 2-3 million of visitors. In 2008, during the 'Long Night of the Museums', he showed his video installation 'time fades' at the Kulturforum. In this installation Geist interprets the themes of space and time. He avoids using canvasses and projects directly on parts of the façade of the architecture and on transparent grounds like sheets of gauze and fog.In September 2007, he realized the video installation 'Time Lines' on the entire front of the Palazzo delle Espozioni in Rome at its re-opening after it had been closed for five years. The installation was opened by the mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni, and was seen by approx. 20.000 visitors. In 2005, he realized the large project 'Winterzauber' ('Winter Magic') for the Lake Side Restaurant in Zurich and in 2006, he opened the Salon Noir within the context of the exhibition 'Melancholie, Genie und Wahnsinn' ('Melancholy, Genius and Insanity') in the Berlin Neuen National Galerie. Together with the symphony orchestra OBC Barcelona and the Finnish sound ensemble Pan Sonic, Geist opened in 2004 the Sonar Festival in Barcelona. His works were shown at the Dissonanze Festival in Rome, at Clubtransmediale in Berlin and at the Mutek Festival in Montreal which is renowned for new media. He has exhibited his live video performances internationally at the Central House of Artists (CHA) in Moscow, the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in London, the National Gallery in Warsaw (Zacheta) and at the opening of the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich.Further projects are characterized by their complexity and the integration of the location, the sound and moving images.


Montreal: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 - From June 2nd to the 6th, Montreal falls into the MUTEK groove when the festival sets its artists loose on the city streets! Setting up shop in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles and then pushing out toward the Monument-National, the SAT, the Metropolis, Club Soda, and Parc Jean-Drapeau, MUTEK 2010 leaves its fingerprints all over the city and proves once and for all that there are innumerable ways in which attendees can experience the festival. In 2010, we all design our own MUTEK! More than 150 artists from a dozen countries are taking part in some 80 performances throughout the 5 days that make up this edition, which includes 6 world premieres, 10 North American premieres, and 16 Canadian premieres.

Inspired by its recent win at the 25th Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montreal, the MUTEK festival has pushed the envelope to freshen up its 11th edition with some extraordinary twists for festivalgoers. And many of them are now free to the public! On deck for those who want to discover the festival, MUTEK's outdoor program EXTRA_MUROS returns for a second year to present (in collaboration with Astral Media) two monumentally urbane art installations. Then, on Saturday, June 5th, La Place des Festivals will host an exclusive outdoor free concert featuring Señor Coconut and his Orchestra.

EXTRA_MUROS: The Outdoors Come Alive!

As part of the EXTRA_MUROS series, the Place des Festivals will be graced by the latest creation by Berlin artists Philipp Geist, who has established himself as a master of remodeling public spaces. A new public-art spectacle, TIME DRIFTS interprets themes of time and space by projecting arrangements of light against veils of fog as they drift into all corners of the place des Festivals.

Meanwhile, Melissa Mongiat and Mouna Andraos take over the President Kennedy Pavilion at UQAM with their interactive installation entitled BLOC JAM. An ever-evolving improvisational composition projects as light and orchestrated by cell phones, Bloc Jam is assembled completely by passersby on the street who use their personal technology to add their contributions to the "songs" colouring the wall.

SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Señor Coconut and his Orchestra

Keeping the spirit of the night skies alive, on Saturday, June 5th, MUTEK brings back Uwe Schmidt's Señor Coconut for a spicy-hot soirée, presented by Ubisoft. From Kraftwerk to Daft Punk with some detours via Prince and Eurythmics, Coconut and his Orchestra refashion the pop hits that have marked our collective imaginations into scorching electro-Latino workouts, fired up with dashes of playfulness. Special guests for the evening include the all-new group Le Golden, featuring Jean-Phi Goncalves (Beast) and Alex McMahon (Plaster), among others. A completely free outdoor concert set to take over La Place des festivals in the heart of the Quarteir des Spectacles, this is one event nobody in Montreal should miss!


A few steps away at the Monument-National, the festival epicenter, an ensemble of programs unfolds on weekday evening, featuring new projects by the brightest emerging artists from the local scene. Presented from June 2nd to the 4th in collaboration with Bande à Part, the EXPERIENCE series includes notable presentations by Stephen Beaupré's new audio-visual project "Gemmiform" (Wednesday, June 2nd), the world premiere of Aun's "Black Pyramid" (Thursday, June 3rd), as well as performances by Montreal groups Citofono and Jacob & Francis (Friday, June 4th). Coming at the end of each weekday evening, the ECTOPLASMES3 bring together, for its part, thirty high-calibre experimental acts who will undergo any number of spontaneous collaborations.

...and let's not forget!

New branches are all good, but MUTEK never forgets its roots! The mainstays and foundations of the festival still remain and thrive as centerpieces for internationally renowned programming. These include A/VISIONS, featuring Bjork-collaborators Matmos and the legendary Nurse With Wound; NOCTURNES, featuring King Midas Sound, the highly anticipated new live group by Guillaume Coutu Dumont, and a rare Montreal appearance by Theo Parrish; and MUTEK//PIKNICs, where Paul Kalkbrenner and Pépé Bradock are set to take the stage. All in all, MUTEK 2010 features some 150 artists from near and far, coming together over 5 days and five venues. What a way to begin Montreal's festival season in style!

The MUTEK PASSPORT ($210 CDN +tx & sc), WEEKEND PASS ($130 CDN +tx & sc) and individual tickets (starting at $25 +tx & sc) are currently on sale at
www.mutek.org, and through the Ticketpro network (www.ticketpro.ca and all outlets).


2.) Milano (Italy)

selezione artistica 'MUSAE'
room B

Videoart.EXE Experimenta Videoart

16. June 2010 / 21h
Teatro Franco Parenti
Via Pier Lombardo 14. Milano

Live Media Performance

Fabrizio Nocci + Philipp Geist

composer fabrizio nocci (rome/ italy)
visual artist philipp geist (berlin/ germany)

past projects

Circuito Festival Internazionale Musae 2009 - Scilla, Calabria
ex Scoglio di Ulisse 18. Sept 2009

Geist & Nocci at Electronic Church Berlin 19.06.08

Rome Goethe Institut Movie 01/ 2010


3.) Ahrenshoop A-I-R Stipendium Lukas Juli 2010 / September 2010

The Künstlerhaus Lukas (Artists' House Luke) is a place of artistic work and international gathering. It promotes professional artists in the genres of fine arts, literature, dance and music through the awarding of residence scholarships and focuses on interesting cooperation between the different genres. Thereby, the international context with the Baltic littoral states lies in the center of attention.


Einzelausstellung/ Solo Exhibition Philipp Geist
Riverine Bodden Zones
September - November 2010
Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop

Philipp Geist - Fotografie - Video - Multimedia
Video - Installationen mit Arbeitsergebnissen des zweimonatigen
Stipendiums im Künstlerhaus Lukas

Die Projektausstellung zeigt Arbeiten des Berliner Künstlers Philipp Geist, darin Ergebnisse seines zweimonatigen Aufenthaltsstipendiums, das er 2010 im Künstlerhaus Lukas antreten wird. Auf diese Weise erfahren die in Ahrenshoop arbeitenden Stipendiaten nicht nur eine größere Öffentlichkeit und Einbeziehung in den Ort, neueste und absolut aktuelle Tendenzen künstlerischer Entwicklung können so aufgespürt und präsentiert werden.

Eröffnung der Ausstellung am 18. September 2010 um 17 Uhr

19. 09. 2010
01. 11. 2010

geöffnet täglich
10-17 Uhr


4.) upcoming dates

July 2010
- Germany, Kronach Light Festival "KRONACH LEUCHTET" - light & sound installation & Exhibition
- Montepulciano (Italia) Festvial Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte Montepulciano - Outdoor Installation

- Italy, Monte Amiata Chiesa Abbazia - Outdoor Installation
- St.Petersburg (Russia) - Water Museum Permanent Video Installation
- Dresden Ostrale 2010 Video Installation

REVIEW / Past Projects

5.) Frankfurt LUMINALE 2010 "Time Shadows" Installation

Time Shadows / Naturkundemuseum Senckenberg

Installation Views

11.4. - 16.4.2010 | Frankfurt am Main | Light + Media
Time Shadows - Video Space Installation by Philipp Geist

The Dinosaur Hall with its giants from the distant past is transformed into a walk-in video-space-installation. By artistic means Philipp Geist interprets the multi-facetted experiences one has in this place of wonders and science. Visitors plunge into a dense jungle of tangles of words, which invite us to reflect on our relationship with the origins of life.

Der Dinosauriersaal mit seinen Giganten aus einer fernen Vergangenheit wird zu einer begehbaren Video-Raum-Installation. Mit künstlerischen Mitteln interpretiert Philipp Geist die vielschichtigen Erfahrungen, die man an diesem Ort der Wunder und der Wissenschaft macht. Die Besucher tauchen ein in einen dichten Dschungel von Wortgeflechten, die zum Reflektieren über unsere Beziehung zu den Anfängen des Lebens einladen.

6.) Bangkok KING 4D LIght & Sound Installation MOVIE ONLINE

Bangkok / Thailand
Ananta Smakhom Throne Hall

Celebrating Thai King Bhumibol's 82.Birthday
Video Mapping Installation / 4D Light and Sound by Philipp Geist
05.- 13. December 2009

Place:Ananta Smakhom Throne Hall (Bangkok / Thailand)
Date: 5th December - 13rd December 2009

Installation Movie (10min)

Installation Movie (23min)

Installation Photos

7.) Berlin Kulturforum 2008 Time Fades

Berlin Kulturforum Time Fades Installation 2008
Currently I'm are working on a similar project for MUTEK2010 in Montreal (Canada).

** HD Movie ONlINE **
Documentray by Patrick Heeren

Time Fades Video Installation at BERLIN KULTURFORUM 2008 (Short/ HD)

Time Fades Video Installation at BERLIN KULTURFORUM 2008 (HD)

8.) Links


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