Freitag, 10. September 2010

London Whitechapel Gallery, Zilkha Auditorium Alpha-ville 2010 Festival Screening with Time Dirfts Movie by Philipp Geist 17th September 2010

London Whitechapel Gallery, Zilkha Auditorium Alpha-ville 2010 Festival Screening with Time Dirfts Movie by Philipp Geist 17th September 2010

There are artists at work today striving to change the way we view the space around us. In their hands the solid geometry of rooms, walls, even whole buildings becomes a fluid medium, revealing a seemingly-infinite number of possibilities. 3D audio-visual mapping uses projections to transform physical space. Before our eyes a surface comes to life, appearing as a changing 3D object, the performance of its lines and shapes forming a narrative of its own. And all the while the movement of these projected shapes is accompanied by a synchronised soundscape. In the words of the well-known visual artist and architect Pablo Valbuena:

“These ideas come to life in an abstract and geometric envelope, enhanced with synesthetic audio elements and establishing a dialogue with the observer.”

The work of projection-mapping artists seamlessly augments real and virtual worlds. The result represents a neat symbol of our future society; one in which the digital world is as much a part of reality as the physical world.

During the first day of the the festival, at the Whitechapel Gallery there will be screenings of work from some of the most exciting architectural projection mapping artists in Europe. With the facades of historic and grandiose buildings as the canvas, these performances will shake up our preconceptions of established architecture. In these works the surface of a building is simultaneously a live screen and the very subject of the performance.

The result is immersive and intensely sensory experience, and not to be missed.

The screening program curated by Alpha-ville will include a selection of works including the Italian based group Apparati Effimeri, the internationally renowned Philipp Geist, the eclectic visual label AntiVJ and the breath-taking work of Istanbul based Griduo.

In addition to this, on the first day of the festival ESProjections will explore the permutations of a future cityscape in a spectacular indoors 3D audio- visual performance. The two multimedia artists from Bristol are known for their inspiring work combining video projections, mapping techniques and live music. Alpha-ville is honoured to host the duo’s exclusively-devised, one-off performance, Animetro. The name of the piece alludes to an animated metropolis; a restless and dynamic futuristic landscape. Animetro has been developed solely for Alpha-ville, and will feature striking mapped projections and immersive sounds, all manipulated in real-time in order to conjure up a virtual metropolis unable to rest. Their abstract vision will pull apart the confines of two-dimensional space and challenge the way you see the world!

Date:17th September 2010, from 21:30H

Location: Whitechapel Gallery, Zilkha Auditorium

Tickets: £18/£20 day pass/ £32/£36 full festival pass